1 & 1/2 hour Jeep Tour will take you into the main loop.  
You will see the Three Sisters, Totem Pole, the World
Famous East and West Mittens.  These areas are where
many major motion pictures made such as, 'Back To The
Future', 'WindTalkers', 'National Lampoon's Vacation', a
number of car commercials and Old Legendary Westerns
from the time of John Ford and John Wayne Cowboy
movies, 'My Darling Clementine, She Wore A Yellow
Ribbon and more were filmed.
The scenery is all around you once you get inside of the valley. You can request the guide to pause to take
pictures of the World famous East and West mittens and other towering sandstone spires.  The tour guides have
many good stories about the Navajo tales of folklore and superstitions.
2 & 1/2 hour Jeep Tour will get you into the restricted area,
where most people love to visit since it is restricted to guided
tours only and there are more Natural Arches like the Sun's Eye,
Ear of the Wind, Moccasin Arch, Big Hogan, Anaszi Ruins,
Petroglyphs, Kokopelli, pottery pieces, natural spring and a
(Navajo Rug Demonstration extra, $2.00 per person or if you
are using a camcorder it's $5.00 payable only to Susie Yazzie
or Rose Yazzie only)

Cost: $85.00 per person/ minimum 2 person, Group discount
starts at 10 person.
Cost:  $75.00 per person / minimum 2 person: Group discounts start at 10
2 & 1/2 hrs. tour of Monument Valley into the restricted area of
the park plus the overnight hogan stay
FEE.$30.00 per person
person minimum 2 person.  Must check
by email for availability.
The Half-day Tour in Mystery Valley  takes you into an area south beyond the Monument Valley Tribal
Park.  This area has many Natural Sandstone Arches formed from erosion over millenniums. Here, the Navajo
believe is where the Anasazi Peoples derived from.  From the clay and waters they became as they were.
Although they were small in stature, their dwellings in the high cliff tops were very efficient in fending off
enemy or wild animals from attacking effectivey.  Pottery left over are found laying around the ruins as
evidence of a culture, mysteriously, long gone.  There are the Petroglyphs to remind us of some form of
communication that may have been shared among them.

Cost:  $105.00 per person Half-day 30 miles/ minimum of 2 person
Group discounts start at 10 persons
The All-day Tour takes you into Monument Valley Tribal Park and the Mystery Valley together to make
sure your adventure includes all the scenery in Monument Valley Tribal Park.
We accept all major credit cards
Sunrise and Sunset Tours are also available.  Tour
guides are experienced with professional photographers
and will go pretty much go the distance to get you the
shot you want.  After all scenery and culture is what
Navajoland  is all about.  Must check by email for
Tribal Park Touring & Adventures
Black's Jeep and Horse Tours
Tribal Park Touring & Adventures
Black's Jeep and Horse Tours
Jeep and Open-Air Tour summary
Open Air Tour Vehicle
tour docking area
Into the valley view
Bird's eye views of the park
Cost:  $175.00 per person for All-day 60 miles/ minimum
2 person
Group discounts start at 10 persons